What is a Diagnostic Check?

With the introduction of computer processors into modern cars, the procedure of conducting a diagnostic check is simplified. When you take your car in for a service or check-up, our mechanic will connect specialist equipment directly to the on-board computer of your vehicle to identify any recorded problems. By performing this one simple check, our skilled mechanics can easily reveal a range of problems associated with various components of your car, including transmission, petrol tank, exhaust system and more.

When would a Diagnostic Check be performed?

A diagnostic check is usually performed on a vehicle when the owner brings it in with concern of worrying warning lights on their dashboard or strange noises, whether regular or intermittent. By accessing the on-board computer processor of modern day cars, we can very quickly isolate and identify any faults or problems, reading the fault codes that appear and stopping costly component failures from occurring.

At Marjan Automotive, all our staff are highly trained in the use of modern technology and maintain currency in advances and changes through regular ongoing instruction. When combined with practical experience in the use of state of the art car diagnostic equipment, we can quickly decipher fault codes and provide concise advice and recommendation on repairs.

If your car is making strange noises or warning lights are coming on and staying on, contact us at Marjan Automotive for a diagnostic check-up that could potentially save you dollars.