Engine Reconditioning Specialists

Welcome to Marjan Automotive, your local specialist in engine reconditioning and associated componentry.

As the heart of your car, your engine is what provides power and propulsion to allow your vehicle to move. So what are your options when your car engine stops working? The majority of people would probably source a new vehicle or a new engine for their car at great expense. However, there is a less costly alternative available through engine reconditioning.

At Marjan Automotive, we are dedicated to breathing new life into the heart (engine) of your car. Our professional and highly qualified mechanics are recognised for the quality work we conduct in giving engines a new lease of life through full engine reconditioning.

As a reputable service centre, Marjan Automotive take pride in the reputation we have earned through years of providing quality customer service and excellence in repairs and replacements. With this in mind you can rest assured that when Marjan Automotive take on an engine for reconditioning, we source and use only quality parts in the rebuild process. Plus, our staff quality assure throughout the job, guaranteeing you a superior product at the end as good as any new engine for a fraction of the cost. Some of the key components we replace include:

  • Cam bearings
  • Main bearings and connecting rod bearings
  • Re-ground the crankshaft or new crankshaft
  • New valve filters
  • New timing chain
  • New rocker-arms
  • New push rods
  • Remanufactured water-pump
  • New oil pump
  • New pistons and rings

Our experienced mechanics have a 100% focus on rebuilding your engine to provide you and your vehicle with many years of service.

For an evaluation and quote on how much a full engine reconditioning would cost, contact Marjan Automotive today and allow one of our skilled mechanics to give you a price and answer any questions you may have.