Your Professional Gearbox & Exhaust Gurus

Marjan Automotive are your local independent professional gearbox and exhaust gurus. Our in-depth knowledge and skills in all modern makes and models of cars, motorbikes and light trucks enables us quickly identify and resolve gearbox and exhaust problems with ease. With a fully equipped workshop we can ensure that every component is precisely configured and fitted to function correctly and optimally.

Your Exhaust system

The exhaust system is essential to your car’s operation and performs several extremely important jobs;

  • It takes exhaust gases from the engine to the rear of the car and helps to direct noxious gases away from the cabin of the car, ensuring the occupants are not exposed to dangerous and harmful fumes which can affect their health.
  • It helps in the fuel efficiency of your car. Exhausts are custom built of various components for individual makes and models to maintain correct pressures, enabling cars to maintain optimum engine pressure and performance.

Your exhaust system is subjected to the worst that road conditions can offer with its exposure on the undercarriage of your vehicle, leading to damage from rocks, dirt and other road hazards. Your exhaust system is also subjected to extreme temperatures and noxious gases that can corrode the metal surfaces. This will inevitably mean that your exhaust system will fail on occasion.

At Marjan Automotive, we offer a full exhaust system service, including replacement and repair of parts and components to ensure that your car’s exhaust system performs in accordance with industry standards.

Your Gearbox and Transmission System

The gearbox or transmission system in a car is responsible for the changing of gears as your car increases or decreases in speed. Transmissions comes in two options; Manual or Automatic.

Repairs and replacements on your transmission (gearbox) system can be some of the most expensive you may have to make as a car owner. Preventative care and maintenance can minimise these costs by picking up problems early, saving you significant time and money in the long run.

Marjan Automotive offer you a comprehensive gearbox and exhaust system evaluation and repair centre, located in Castle Hill. With professional and experienced mechanics, we can conduct all repairs for manual or automatic gearbox and exhaust systems. We know how to fix the problem. With a state-of-the art workshop and expert knowledge on all leading makes and models, Marjan Automotive mechanics will diagnose the problem and provide recommendations and advice on the best decision, so you can leave all the hard work to us.

Call us today or book online for any concerns you may be having. Have your repairs carried out by a reputable service centre that prides itself on the personal touch and old fashioned excellence in customer service.