What is Log Book Servicing?

When you purchase a new car, the manufacturer issues a log book with instructions and recommendations on the intervals of services, procedures to follow, and inspection points. In order to get the most out of your new car and enjoy it longer, keeping it in good operational condition, it is strongly recommended that you follow the dates in your issued log book to maintain your new car warranty.

You log book is the preferred maintenance regime for your new car according to the manufacturer of the car, prolonging its life and efficiency. In order to maintain your warranty, your log book servicing needs to be done ‘by the book’. It will indicate how often to have your services conducted and what is to be inspected and replaced. Your inspection dates will be based on mileage and time factors with time being the key component. To maintain your warranty, you need to ensure that your regular log book servicing is conducted within the time frames the manufacturer has specified. This ensures that your filters, oils and other essentials are replaced with regularity, keeping performance levels at their peak.

When Marjan Automotive conduct your log book servicing, you are guaranteed to have the recommended checks and replacements done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, maintaining your new car warranty intact.

We use only quality products as per log book instructions and conduct thorough inspections as per the guidelines, maintaining your car in its safest, most reliable state.

Can I use any Mechanic?

By rights, yes, you are able to have your log book servicing conducted at any centre which employs qualified mechanics and uses quality parts, products and materials, meeting the needs and requirements of the manufacturer’s specifications to maintain warranty.

Marjan Automotive employ only qualified and licensed mechanics, assuring you that work is conducted to industry and manufacturer standards.

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