Marjan Automotive your new car servicing experts

Located in Castle Hill, we have the expertise and years of knowledge to carry out all your new car servicing needs, maintaining your dealership warranty intact. When you buy your new car, dealerships will have you believe that the only way to maintain your new car warranty is to have the regular servicing needs conducted by them for the length of your warranty time.

Can I select my own Mechanic?

Yes! By law you have the right to have your new car serviced by any centre, provided it employs qualified and licensed mechanics and uses quality part and products.

How does this affect me?

This gives you the freedom to use your local trusted mechanic for all your regular services throughout your warranty period. Your will maintain your new car warranty provided that your services are completed at the recommended intervals, following outlined procedures and inspection points. In addition, all replacements of lubricants and parts should be carried out as outlined in your log book and its guidelines, as developed by the manufacturer.

At Marjan Automotive we go the extra mile and conduct a comprehensive inspection of your entire vehicle during its service. This identifies any areas of concern or potential problems well in advance, keeping your vehicle in its safest and most optimal driving condition for your enjoyment.

To have your new car servicing performed by your local experts, contact us today at Marjan Automotive. Alternatively, make your booking online for convenience