Certified Authorities for Roadworthy & Inspection Report

Is your Car Roadworthy?

When selling a car in NSW it is compulsory to have a Roadworthy Safety Certificate issued by an authorised individual from a licensed mechanical service centre. At Marjan Automotive, located in Castle Hill, your inspection will be conducted by an unbiased mechanical professional who has authority to perform such inspections, including RWCs, safety certificates, e-safety checks, pink slips and blue slips in the state of NSW, paying particular attention to safety and roadworthiness. In addition, Marjan Automotive are also licensed to conduct safety checks and pink slips on LPG systems. Any areas found to be unsafe or due for replacement are identified and recorded on the Roadworthy & Inspection Report.

As a seller, having a Roadworthy & Inspection Report done will provide potential buyers with confidence that you are selling a quality car that meets all roadworthy criteria, including tyres, brakes, seatbelts, lights and wipers with no obvious leaks or faults. It can also speed up the sale process as buyers have no need to have their own inspection conducted.

Friendly local service

Marjan Automotive are your friendly local mechanical experts. As a trusted independent provider of quality mechanical services, we explain everything upfront and advise you of extra work that may be needed to bring your car up to code.

Conducting a voluntary vehicle inspection

Many people conduct regular voluntary vehicle inspections to satisfy themselves of the quality and safety of their car. A comprehensive vehicle check is recommended for the following reasons:

Safety and peace of mind - An un-roadworthy car is a danger. To ensure that you and your family are driving around in a safe car, a regular Roadworthy & Inspection Report is recommended. At Marjan Automotive, a highly experienced motor mechanic will conduct a full safety check of your car (petrol, diesel and LPG systems), alerting you to any potential issues and providing you with a written report on the safety condition of your car at the time of inspection.

Pre-purchase inspections before buying a car – If you are buying a second hand car, whether privately or through a dealership, it is always advisable to have an independent mechanic prepare a thorough Roadworthy & Inspection Report. This provides an expert opinion on the current state of the car and allows you as the buyer to make an informed decision.

Warranty Inspection – Prior to the expiry of your new car warranty, a comprehensive inspection can highlight components or areas of your car that may be due for replacement, allowing you to negotiate with the manufacturer to have these replaced before your warranty expires.

Long road trip – when taking a long road trip it is always of great comfort to know that your car is in tip-top condition. Having a comprehensive Roadworthy & Inspection Report completed will highlight areas that you may need to address prior to leaving, allowing you to budget for repairs. Long road trips place different pressures on your vehicle and preparation is the key to a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Marjan Automotive is a reputable service centre with authorised and experienced mechanics equipped to carry out a Roadworthy & Inspection Report on any make and model of vehicle for peace of mind and confidence. Call us today or book online!