Independent Safety Check and LPG Inspection

As an authorised and registered provider of mechanical services, we understand the need for safety and the importance that a safety check on any type of fuel system (including LPG) plays in ensuring that vehicles on today’s busy roads are in optimum condition. A regular safety check and LPG inspection is recommended on any type of vehicle on the road, including cars, 4WDrives, light trucks, motorbikes, caravans and more.

Marjan Automotive have certified motor mechanics trained and experienced in conducting comprehensive safety checks and LPG inspections on all makes and models of cars, 4WDrives, light trucks and motorbikes. This includes;

  • Safety certificates
  • eSafety checks
  • Pink slips (LPG)
  • Blue slips
  • RWC – Roadworthy Certificates

Consistent with our commitment to transparency and safety, Marjan Automotive use the information from a safety check and LPG inspection to help us explain issues we find with your car in a clear and concise manner. It allows us to demonstrate and provide understanding of how our recommendations will rectify the problems and allows you to make informed decisions.

Our technicians are up-to-date with the latest developments in vehicle standards in NSW, so you can be confident in the reports that we provide upon completion of our safety checks. We will highlight non-compliant areas, areas of risk, and more.

Safety checks on LPG Vehicles

As an accredited provider with the Automotive Alternative Fuels Registration Board (AAFRB), Marjan Automotive are licensed to conduct safety checks and pink slips inspections on LPG vehicles to confirm their condition and operational status.

One of our highly experienced and accredited mechanics will conduct a comprehensive safety check, highlighting any faults or areas of concern regarding your vehicle’s roadworthy and safety status, making recommendations.

To find out more about Marjan Automotive and book in your next safety check call us today!