The Professionals in Suspension & Steering

Marjan Automotive are your local suspension and steering gurus. Your car’s suspension and steering system is the intricate mechanism responsible for how the car handles on the road.

As such, it requires and deserves specialist attention to ensure that it is always in operational condition as part of your safety system. For expert advice, service, repairs and installation of all suspension and steering products, we are the team you can rely upon. We conduct professional installs and wheel alignment on all makes and models of cars, including shock absorbers, shocks, lift kits, 4x4 suspension and more.

What are your suspension needs today?

Suspension has changed so much over the years, no longer is it just a matter of placing some shocks under your vehicle and that’s it. Indeed! Today you rely upon your local mechanic more than ever to have the knowledge and expertise to maintain your vehicle from bonnet to boot, top to undercarriage. As your local experts in all things mechanical, Marjan Automotive has some of the best mechanics in Sydney working for us.

Hearing knocks and noises? Bring your car to Marjan Automotive. We conduct suspension and steering evaluations to identify faults, using the information to provide professional recommendations and conduct remedial work required on every aspect of your suspension and steering system for ultimate performance and safety.

We will fit and tune your suspension and steering parts and conduct a full wheel alignment to get you back on the road with peace of mind in the operational performance and safety of your car’s suspension and steering. No problem is too big or small for Marjan Automotive.

Get the most from your suspension and ensure it is serviced by industry experts with commitment and reputation.

See us today about our range of suspension and steering service options.