Meet Alex Rizzo the Mechanic

Alex has been a registered mechanic in the ever changing industry that is the world of automotive mechanics for over 15 years. Starting his apprenticeship as a 16-year-old youth fresh out of high school, he quickly identified his skills and ability in helping people to keep their cars in good operational condition by performing regular maintenance and repairs on all makes and models, both petrol and diesel. Alex is also a licensed provider of LPG pink slips and safety checks.

Over the years, Alex has built up his repertoire to include being able to proficiently rebuild or recondition engines, giving them a new lease of life. The comprehensive knowledge Alex has accumulated over the years has been to the benefit of his customers. Changes in technology have been regular and rampant in the mechanic industry and keeping up with these changes has been a challenge in its own right. Alex’s mastery of all modern day advances, including EFI, transponders and computerised engines, is evident in his loyal following of customers.

The changes and advances have meant adaptation in the way cars are serviced and maintained, but not the interaction and personal touch. The first thing you will notice about Alex is his approachability; one of the reasons customers have followed him throughout his career.

An independent mechanic, Alex has worked for himself as a contract mechanic for over 10 years, with positive results leading to increased clientele attendance at each location he has worked

In March 2015, Alex identified a local garage and realised the possibilities in its location, size and the potential for growth. With his business acumen and in-depth knowledge of the mechanical industry honed by over 15 years of upheavals, major transitions and changes, Alex has demonstrated his resilience. He is a Mechanic who has always offered his customers the benefits of his experience in maintaining their vehicles in optimum condition and will continue to do so.

For the best service in the industry you can’t go wrong with Alex Rizzo at Marjan Automotive.

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